Monday, October 10, 2011

California Dreamin!

So we were lucky enough to go down to California a couple of weekends ago and it was too good of a weekend not to post about!

Stuart had some job interviews and it is around the time that my family likes to go to Knott's Scary Farm so Stuart, John, and I hopped on a plane and jetted down for the weekend. We flew in really early Friday morning (left Provo at 430 am) and then Stuart went straight to an interview. It just so happened that the office he interviewed at was right by the Irvine Spectrum, how convenient :) So we shopped, ate lunch and got some yogurt before he had to head off for more interviewing and I went home and took a nap.
That night was KNOTTS. It was a great time as usual, scary monsters and mazes and great company. My Dad even supposedly had his FIRST funnel cake, and what was his reaction? "It's good, it is like fried shrimp." What?? haha it was great. We did miss Kat this year, she is just a little too prego to be dodging monsters. Thanks Dad for a great time!
Saturday was the day that conference began and it was so nice to be home and eat a YUMMY breakfast both days and watch all snuggled up on the couch. That day we went to the beach and Stuart even got to get in the water with John and Drew, finally! That night the boys went to priesthood session and we got to have some quality girl time. We got our nails done, ate dinner at Wahoos, and went shopping. SO great!
Sunday we relaxed, watched conference, and ate lots of delicious food....that afternoon I said goodbye to my lover because he had more business to attend to and John and I headed back to Provo. I tried to convince John to have a slumber party with me but he wasn't buying it. I just hate being alone. The only other time Stuart was gone for a few days, my mom came to Utah to stay with me. I know I need to grow up but I just can't. It was a ROUGH night, but I survived and excitedly picked up my husband the next night. We do not do well apart and were very happy to be reunited.

This is how excited Stuart was about his yogurt...

"Give me a normal smile"..this is all I got.

This is my brother Michael trying to catch a chicken at Knott's.


Always reppin the pumpkin king, Jack

Stuart and Drew

happy boy

I told Abby to wave like a princess. She is such a natural

This was Abby's first time getting her nails done! She did great! So cute..

At the spectrum I let Abby throw some coins in the fountain and make some wishes.

I also got to take Abby on the carousel! The whole time she just said "whee" with a very straight face. I asked her if she was having fun and she said "Yes! I say 'whee' when I am having fun!". you go Abigail

Well...until next time California....