Saturday, May 19, 2012

23rd Birthday Bash

23 is SO good.
I had the BEST birthday ever.  Hands Down.
My husband SPOILED me and even surprised me. This is the first time I was completely surprised since being married.

My birthday fell on a Sunday which means we partied all weekend.
This little cutie made me breakfast

We headed down to Laguna and found our new favorite beach spot.  It is where the Montage Resort is and it is so pretty.

Cheesecake Factory for dinner

On actual sweet family came down to Irvine and we barbecued outside!
 Loved it. 

Heavy Heavy Hangover from the best parents a girl could ask for

Hailey wanted her turn to bonk me

anthro platter my sister got me! I wanted this.

Husband taking his turn

My sweet Popa gave me this blow up boat! This was truly a sentimental gift that I loved.  We used to go in boats all the time at my family's cabin with all the cousins and kids growing up.  So he gave me one so that I have one for my own family to make memories at the cabin!! So excited.

Who wouldn't want cash???

Blowing out my trick candles! These were John's gift to me, little trickster!

from my love

Stuart left all these little notes in hiding places throughout my birthday. So sweet..

But the next one was my fave....
YES. Disneyland Passes.  AHHH!!!
I wish we could have caught my reaction.  I was so surprised and soooo happy!!!
I have been talking about wanting Disneyland passes ever since we moved down here but just kind of gave up on it because Stuart was NOT into it. He just had a card for me on the table and casually told me to open it..and that is what I found! Starting off the year with season passes to Disneyland could not be more perfect.

I also loved All my birthday songs and calls from the Lange side!! sweet Mother in Law made me a quilt! so excited.
23 really has been the greatest year so far!! Love being 23

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Before We Moved... we MOVED! a month Irvine..and we LOVE it!! Seriously. I was venting to Stuart the other day and I said, "...but you know what I do love?? Where we live." I love this part of Irvine and our apartment so much.  Anyways that is beside the point of this post...
Before we moved we took some pictures, and they are worth documenting.  This is us repainting dressers in the conveniently located parking lot right next to my house. We debated but painted them to a pretty green! No finished product but it was a great bonding experience :) (let's be honest Stuart did 2x as much work as me...I do not love actually doing the project, more just the end result).

 These are from Sunday dinner one night at my parents.  I don't know why but we thought it was hilarious to put these napkin rings on our faces...we did thisfor like an hour.  You had to be really steady and use face muscles you didn't know you had.

So there's some fun documentation that I hope my posterity enjoys...woot woot!!