Sunday, June 17, 2012


We are grateful that people like to visit where we live.  We have had some friends come down since we have been here for various reasons and it has been fun to be able to see them!

This is my friend Jessica and her baby Sydney.  Jessica and I met in college and I love this girl so much.  We have had such good memories over the years and she is such a good friend to me.  We always see eye to eye about life and it is so fun to talk and catch up with her.  She just always relates to me and I never feel judged, she just listens.  I miss her and I am hoping so badly they come to Medical School down here! I stole these pictures off of her blog and that is why they are so cutely organized.

Kimberly and Mike also came down to visit us before they went on their cruise out of Long Beach!  Kimberly wanted to give Michael the real California experience so we went down to Balboa, walked on the pier, and ate pizza.  It was so fun!! Kimberly and I grew up together down here and have been through alot over the years. We have so many good memories and it is great to reminisce when I am with her. We love her and Mike and are so happy that they have found each other! I love seeing my friends happily married to wonderful people.


Over Memorial Day Weekend the Lowder family came down to California.  Can I just say that this family is awesome?? Seriously, they are all so fun.  Jenna and I met on the track team and we were in the 800 crew together.  She was always there for me and she is awesome.  I had never met her husband Jeff before and was so happy I got to meet him.  They are so perfect for each other and we had so much fun hanging out with them.  Afterwards I wished so badly that we lived closer and could be couple BFF's haha. We hung out at Dana point during the day, went to Bruxie's and had waffle sandwiches/burgers, and went in the spa. love those two and the whole Lowder clan.

Go Halos!

I love Angels Games! I grew up going with my family and it has been fun to be back down here to go to games.  We love our Halos and have enjoyed the Big Bang Fireworks show that they do every Friday Night Game.

Game #1: Stuart's work had a Box at the Angel game from a subcontractor and all the estimators and wives were able to come.  It was my first work event as the "wife" and it was so fun.  Stuart works with such good people and it was nice to finally meet everyone and hear the nice things they had to say about Stuart.  We also enjoyed all the free dinner and desserts. PARTY.

Game #2: Our friends Leah and John are big Angels fans, they actually know players stats and all the details.  We decided to hit up a game on a Friday night a few weeks ago and had a great time.  We love these two and are so happy we get to spend time with them!

Jess and the Boys

My sister in law Jessica came down with her two boys a couple weekends ago to see our new place in Irvine and hang out! We were so glad they came.  I don't have many pictures to document, but we made crafts, swam, and had homemade pizza.  It was a great time and we love any chance that we get to see them.  They are the cutest family and I hope someday that I have boys that are as sweet but such "boys"all at the same time as these two.  We love you guys!



Way back in April we had a great Easter! We went up to my parents in Yorba Linda and had a delicious meal and had fun watching our nieces have their Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a wonderful time to reflect on the Savior and we are grateful for Holidays to have those opportunities to remember.


Disneyland Adventures

We have been going to Disneyland alot with our passes and it has been so fun! Stuart is coming to appreciate the love I have for Disneyland and is beginning to see the magic :)


 Check it!

Eric Hutchinson and Tents

Eric Hutchinson is my favorite artist.  I love him. I went to his concert a few years ago with my brother and just loved it. We even got to meet him and take pictures the first time. I love the fans, band, and environment at his concert.  So he came to San Juan Capistrano and we of course went and saw him!  We all had a great time and were sad when the concert was over.
Love Pedros.
Love Eric.


"X" marks the spot!...or the underage boy...

That weekend Stuart and I also finally got around to buying our sleeping bags.  So since we had no plans of camping, we created our own campground in our apartment. We love our snuggly sleeping bags and cant wait to use our sleeping bags for some beach camping!

Dumpster Diving

So I am a sucker for free food.  Seriously there is not too much that makes me happier than a buy one get one free. So when we got a coupon for buy one get one free CHIPOTLE we are ALL about it!! I mean since it was a flyer, we knew some people had just tossed it.  So naturally, we went dumpster diving around the whole apartment complex to find more fliers.  This may be disgusting to most, but it was totally worth it. 10 buy one get one frees! Yay for free food