Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Perfection

In the beginning of November, we had the most perfect weekend. I just was so happy to relax. My sister Kathleen and her husband drew were kind enough to treat us to dinner at a foodie place at Fashion Island called True Food Kitchen. It was delicious! I was impressed. We then hit up sprinkles cupcakes for dessert and were overall extremely satisfied! Such a wonderful night for our tummies


The next day we headed down to Doheny so that Stuart could go surfing and I could relax on the beach.  It ended up being the perfect day with no one there. The only minor setback was when we lost Stuart's ring...for 1.5 hours.  I couldnt believe it! He tossed it to shore to me from the water and I obviously didn't catch it. We searched forever and had to get a take from the park ranger, and it was the most joyous occasion when we found it! Hooray




The last pictures are from a dinner we hosted for the couples without kids in our ward. I had put my soup in the crockpot before church and realized I had so much food. Then by the end of church, we had convinced enough people to join us for dinner :) It was a good time!

Simply Fondue

Back in November we went to Simply Fondue with these fine people! And it was fabulous. We had an awesome groupon and it proved to be a lovely dinner. You get a salad, then pick a cheese fondue, then pick your meets that you cook yourself, and then the dessert fondue! It was all so delicious and a fun experience.

Afterwards, we came home and played Monopoly! Leah and I are diehard Monopoly players since our childhood, so we had been begging our men to play with us for quite some time. It definitely got competitive, but we are still friends so I think that says a lot! And I won. Yes. Thanks Leah and John for a great time!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

La Jolla Kayaking

At the end of October we had a fabulous day in La Jolla!  For our anniversary I had gotten us this groupon to go kayaking in the La Jolla Sea Caves. I was so pumped but when I went to book it, they were already booked for weeks out. I was so bummed. The guy suggested that I come after September when all the tourists were gone.  So after we finally found a weekend to work it in, we booked it and headed down. We majorly lucked out and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! Perfectly clear and 85 degrees the end of October. We couldn't take our camera on the kayak but it was awesome! We saw lots of sea lions, fish, and other wild life. We also went into the caves and paddled alot.  I will say, all of us kayakers lined up in a row and had a race. We were all in double kayaks and guess who won? Us. Holler! Stuart was really proud of my efforts. Later that day we went down to Jess and Tony's house and got to spend some time with them. We went to our nephews baseball game and then watched the boys that night while they went to a Halloween Party. It was all in all a wonderful weekend in San Diego


La Jolla is Beautiful!

Jess took some pictures of us for the family calendar. I have the pictures that she took with her camera and mad skills in my email, I will have to upload them! Thanks Jess :)

Magnum P.I. and his 80's girl.

LA Tourists

Our friends Taylor and Heather had wanted to do an LA weekend so we told them we would join them.  We hurried down Friday after work and headed to Pasadena so they could see the Father of the Bride House and then tried out this Lemonade restaurant for dinner. It was Delicious! Fun and trendy. We then shopped in Old Town Pasadena and then went to Grandma Andersons to spend the night.

The next day we hiked the Hollywood sign.  It was a major bummer because it ended up being the ONE morning that it rains in California. So the hike was really foggy and you could barely see the sign but we still had a great time and I would like to do it again sometime!

We then walked the Hollywood stars since we had never done that so that we can check it off the list. Pretty cool

We then saw all the Modern Family homes, I don't have a picture but we saw Phil and Claire Dumphey's  as well.  The neighbor said that they film on Thursday afternoons!

Iconic Beverly Hills sign

Sprinkles Ice Cream. AMAZING. I am still thinking about my cupcake ice cream sundae

We had a fun time and are glad that we could check some fun things off of our list!

Fun Fall Weekend

Near the beginning of October, we had a really fun fall weekend! It finally had started to get a little colder here so, we did our October date card.  This was going to macaroni grill, pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins.  Well not everything ever goes as according to our plan.  We went to the pumpkin patch and there was NO way I was paying 15 dollars each for our pumpkins.  So we went to the grocery store and bought both pumpkins for 6 bucks. Much better deal! Then we were exhausted and didn't carve our pumpkins that night...or ever...but we have current intentions to toss them off our balcony or something!

Stuart had us make "Signs to Our Lives" We had to draw what our sign would look like if it was a show about us.If you cant read...
Stuarts: "The magnificent, The Outstanding STU"
Emily's: "Now Playing: EMMYLOU She's the Real Thing!"
We are weird, but we stuffed our bellys and felt really good about it.


The next day we biked around our complex and went to Disneyland with my parents. It was a great time!

My mom's cool new orange beach cruiser

Silly Abby