Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nannying for Hailey

Back in January I made the BIG.. just kidding, easiest decision to quit my job and nanny for my sister. My job was becoming more administrative and less about working with the kids since the company was growing and I wasn't feeling it. My sister was looking for a nanny and it could not be a better fit! I love Hailey and I am pretty confident she loves me :) we get alot of quality time together and she is my best little buddy. She is the cutest little bug around with her curls, blue eyes, and long eyelashes. I'm telling you, our kids are have some stiff
competition because we have the cutest nieces and nephews around!

I must say though, it had brought me into Mommy world and that world can be a little crazy. People are a little competitive and self-conscious. All the comparing and pretending that motherhood is pure bliss really gets to me sometimes. It's okay to have hard days. I don't know if I will fit in to mommy world someday. I'm not anywhere near perfect or good at pretending I am.

Anyways...enjoy these pictures of my cute niece Hailey

Stuart's 26th

This boy is 26 and he is rocking it. We had a wonderful birthday for him. We played it low key during the day as it rained all morning long. He planned on surfing, but we laid low instead and he modeled on Google Earth ( his favorite past time these days :) That night some of our friends came down and we celebrated at Cheesecake Factory and then came back and had cake and played games. It was a great day and Stuart felt very loved

That Sunday my mom made dinner and we had cupcakes for Stuart to celebrate again. Glad he is 26!