Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodbye DC

Our last week here has been wonderful!

This past weekend we had our last little adventure. We went into DC and decided to live it up one more time! We went to the Air and Space Museum and got some dinner at Shake Shack (yes more burgers Jenna)...and then our plan was to take our dinner around the corner to a summer outdoor concert that was going on. We got our food and were so excited and then....FAIL. We could not find the concert haha. Typical Emily and Stuart move. So even though it was raining we ate our food on a bench and still had a great time! It was our first time in the Dupont Circle area and it was a very homey place. It made us really like being city people, because three months definitely makes you locals. Then we tried to rush back on the Metro to return our Redbox by nine. We ran in the rain and never found the Giant grocery store, and ended up just having a fun time in the rain :) This may sound like a lame and insignificant night to you, but I had to document it for us. We were so happy and afterward were just wishing we could do it all over again. It is all about the simple life :)

Our last week of work was great! Stuart's work threw him a little party and he had some very promising conversations. My last day was definitely bittersweet. I thought that it would be mostly "sweet" because I was looking forward to being done with the 1o hour workdays, but I was suprisingly sad. I LOVED working with children. It is so rewarding and I am going to miss their joy for life so much!!

DC you have been oh so good to us! We are going to miss you (such mixed emotions we are having) Farewell

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anniversary Weekend!

Our first anniversary will always be very memorable! Stuart planned the main event and some things went as he wanted... and some didn't :) It was all a surprise though and so I was so excited regardless of what we were doing!

Stuart made me french toast for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS! I was amazed, he has never made it for me. Good thing I found out a year into our marriage because I have decided it's going to be a family tradition now!

Right before we are leaving...

So the surprise destination was...ANNAPOLIS! Stuart and I had been wanting to go here. It sits right on the water and has a bunch of old homes and cool antique stores! So I was pretty excited when I learned that we would be spending the whole day and night here.
We stayed at this Bed and Breakfast called the Gateway. It was very cute and quaint! However, there was no way Stuart would have known though that the people that owned this particular Bed and Breakfast were not your usual B&B people haha. The description of this place online makes it sound like an angelic dream sitting on the water. The innkeepers had very "interesting" jokes, humor, and stories that they talked about over breakfast, just a little bit awkward for us. Poor Stuart felt terrible, but it is something that we can laugh and joke about now! And breakfast was really yummy so it all evens out!

These are the flowers that were waiting for me in our room from Stuart! So beautiful :)

Then we walked around all of the shops and the harbor for the day

My east coast man

For dinner we went to the Melting Pot!! My mouth is watering just thinking about was divine! They had this petite summer fondue special that we decided to do. We were a little worried that we would walk way unfilled...boy were we wrong! We were stuffed! It was such a good deal

we ate all that and even got more to dip in our oreo cookie fondue mix

chiilin on the bed

At night we walked around the harbor and it was sooo nice. We loved being by the water and just talking about our lives and how crazy it is that its already been a year!

The next morning we walked around the naval academy and sat by a bench looking over the harbor for a long time. We could sit by the ocean for hours, we love it!

On Sunday it was my turn to do a little something nice. So I made a penne pasta dish, french bread, and fruit! I must say it was definitely anniversary worthy! Then we watched a movie and had banana chocolate cake for dessert, Stuart's favorite!

All in all our anniversary weekend was wonderful!! It was just so nice to look back on our wedding day and see how far we have come. We feel so incredibly blessed to have found one another and be given all that we have. We have had our ups and downs but we would not change a thing! Lots of people made us nervous for the first year of marriage but it has just been the best! Can't wait for the adventures that Year 2 brings!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

DC Fam Time

After New York my family stayed here for a whole week!! Even though Stuart and I had to work the whole week we were able to meet up with them every night after work! and maybe I took another day off :)

This is the Harrison's Dog Kodi, my family fell in love.


Sibling love outside the capitol

We got to roll out the Ameican flag at the American History museum with all these people and then sing the Star-Spangled Banner. Very Patriotic

Michelle Obama's dress, Muppets, Nastia Luken's uniform

Julia Child's beautiful kitchen

Good Stuff Eatery
We took my parent's here. Definite place to hit if u are ever in DC

Then we went on a bicycle tour of the monuments at night! It was so great. Definitely the best way to see all the monuments

love Dad

Proud to be an American

Family love

Me and my momma

artsy shot

We had such an amazing time with my family! I got to cook for them a couple nights, saw Harry Potter, shopped, played games, talked, watched movies, etc. It was like having a party every night! Seriously it was soooooooo great. We miss them so much. Thank you for such a wonderful time!! Love you all so much

NYC Round 2

We are the lucky ones that got to go to New York again! My family came to visit us out here on the East Coast. It was just so wonderful...we miss family out here!
Anyways they flew into DC late at night and then we met them at the bus station in Bethesda and headed out to NYC! Let's just say that round 2 did not disappoint! It was a blast and we loved every second of it. My dad is such a good vacation planner and we had so much fun seeing the sites, talking, and EATING.

Times Square

Yup its true. HUGE sign in the middle of Times Square. Honestly, at first it was weird for me to see the church so publicized in this way, but then I became proud, I love it!


Metropolitan Museum of Art

John is really into Modern Art. He's gotten so trendy on us. He was our tour guide and explained all the different meanings and emotions. In the top left picture, John and I were expressing the emotion we felt when looking at that picture. Quite opposite.

on top of the MET

Central Park
People were laying out like it was the beach. So strange. Naturally though Stuart thought it would be appropriate to give them a "hang loose"

Oh Shake Shack...yummm
This was SOOO good. Seriously there burgers and shakes just hit the spot. I want one now

crazy packed

We didn't take any pictures of it but right before this we went and saw Billy Elliot. It was so fun! Even though it was not quite what we were expecting, it was fun to see a broadway show!

The pizza is from John's pizzeria...once again my dad rocked it in the food department. So yummy

This was our hotel. We got to share a room with Johnny boy. It was so fun to be with him!

On the ferry waiting to go to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

This was my fourth time to NY and first time doing this. I am so glad that we did! It was the highlight of any NY trip that I have had. We took a listening tour of the history of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Very very cool

Ellis Island

John and Momma Karebear

This trip was simply amazing. Thank you so much fam bam for giving such a good time!!