Friday, December 2, 2011

When a Child is in Need Mother is ALWAYS there.

I have been very lucky to see my mom almost every two to three weeks this semester and let me tell you...I have Loved every second of it!!
She came up to Utah because poor John needed hand surgery because he had a bone cyst. She was there every step of the way. And...since she needed to be in Provo she stayed at our place on a blow up bed! and then John did too the next night. I wish I could have taken a picture it was pretty cute. I LOVED having them in my home. Makes me so happy. My mother spoiled us groceries, did our laundry, did dishes, and retaught me the correct way to make scrubbies (Mine were turning out like footballs and I have been getting so frustrated. Turns out I was slip stitching the whole thing instead of single crocheting. This only means something to me, but I have to document this for myself because it is comical if u know about crocheting)...Well she is THE BEST. She seriously is super woman. I am a very lucky daughter. Love you mom


It was our year to go to the Dunn side for Thanksgiving with my side of the family and it was wonderful!
We spent it at my uncle John's house and ALL of the Dunn family and cousins were there, (except Kat and Drew). We have not all been together in a long time. No pics from actual Thanksgiving day but it was delicious food and great company, what else could you ask for?

Highlights of the whole trip included:
Seeing Breaking Dawn with Kat and Jenna
Eating food and more food
Picking out a Christmas Tree
Watching Christmas movies
Sleeping in
Good Shopping Deals on Black Friday
75 degree weather
Getting to see the Blessing of our niece Lydia Dunn
Enjoying Family Time and Conversation

Yay for the Holidays!

Family Photos courtesy of Drew Himber
Thank goodness for Self-Timer!

BYU Football

We did it.
We finally went to a BYU football game.
It was the last home game of the season and Stuart got free I said I would go for half :) (It started at 8:15 pm and it was freezing)
This was the first BYU game we have been to while being married.
CHECK that off the list of wrapping up our life in Provo.
We even convinced John that he should not be studying on a Saturday night so he came and joined us!
We saw a sweet sack and had a great time

Stuart wanted to try out self-timer because he was looking so fly in his new outfit he picked out and bought for himself. This is BIG for Stuart