Thursday, March 27, 2014

Valentines Day

We had a lot of fun this valentines day. Beth had a really hard day so I had to kind of make valentines last minute. Stuart humored me with ding dong ditching. It was great! He have me bath soap, loofa and towel caps for my wet hair. Love that guy ;) he made Beth a homemade valentine as well.  I made him a home made valentine with his favorite treats and we went to cafe rio for dinner. I love valentines Day!

Dad turns 27

IMy hottie husband turned 27. He's the best dad, friend, and husband on the earth. Truly. He provides for us so well and is such a gem. He has a heart of gold and is so humble. Bethy and I love him so much!

A New Year

This is way past due but 2013 was an eventful year full of extreme highs and lows, new responsibilities, and we are just kind of happy to close the door on that year. 

We bought a house (mortage payment)
We moved
We bought a car (car payment)
We Got pregnant
We Had a baby
Stuart's dad passed away
I went into Preterm labor
Stuart got in a car accident
We felt like we kept getting hit with tons of financial blows

It was a big year, a great year, but a hard year too. We are hoping that this year is just a little more predictable, but probably not ;)

For this year we tried to think of goals and we came up with a lot but the overall theme was to just be more spiritual.

Put Christ first, trust in The Lord, don't worry and hold grudges and just keep on keepin on. Pray and study more. Attend the temple. 

Starting a family has really put things into perspective for us. Cheers to 2014!

Two Months

Okay I lied. Two months is my favorite!

First super bowl party
First sports game. BYU volleyball vs. UCI, you slept the whole time on Daddy's chest.
Started sleeping in your big girl crib just after a month old. You transitioned great and seem to love it!
Most nights give us 7 hours, and many times 8. The longest you have gone is 10!You go to bed at 1030 so that you are sleeping the entire time we sleep. It's really nice!
You started cooing and it's the cutest thing ever. Everyone comments on how sweet you sound. It really is a sweet baby voice.
You love to be held.
There was a day around 6 weeks where you took a five hour nap and then slept 9.5 hours. Lately though you have been refusing naps. They are getting shorter and shorter and mommy does not know what to do. You hardly ever make it an hour anymore unless you are in the car.
Sat in the bumbo
Want your pacifier to sleep now and we are worried it's going to become an issue
You are becoming much more alert and love to play on your playmat that has flashing lights
You are cuter than ever!

Newborn Pictures

My sweet sister in law Jessica took these of Beth when she was two weeks old. We love them and are so grateful for Jess for doing these for us! 

Love our sweet angel and our family of three

One Month

The first few days of your life were probably your hardest so far, and they weren't even that bad. Nursing was such an exhausting experience. So hard for you and me. One night you were so fussy and so I gave you formula. Oh goodness you loved it! Then, my milk came in and you were a happy little angel. So I'm convinced you were just hungry! 

The next couple weeks you were such a dream! Slept everywhere all the time. Such a happy little one. We could tote you everywhere anytime. There were a few days where you constantly wanted to be held but luckily that passed. The only thing is you had the most insane blowouts. My mom said she'd never seen anything like it. You would have a blow out, we'd go to wipe you, and you would explode again. We would go through about four diapers each time and they were all filled ;) it was WILD.

The next couple weeks were even greater and I'm convinced I never want you to get older than one month. You are sleeping well and super happy. 

One Month:
Very Alert
Almost Always Happy
Loves the light 
Smiles a little, not quite the real thing yet
Sleeps really well, usually gives us a 5-7 hour stretch (went 8 one time!)
Eats like a champ. Nursing is touch and go, but when we give her a bottle she pounds it.
First beach trip, you weren't so sure about it. The wind seemed to bug you
Love to be in your carrier
Love your stroller 
Don't know what you would do without your pacifier
Always sleeps in the car

You make Mom and so happy! Don't know how we got such a sweet little one! We love you!

Celebrated one month lounging at the pool...oh I could just kiss those cheeks all day long