Monday, May 30, 2011

New York

So D.C. has been great for these two weeks. Stuart has been working and I have been attempting to study for the GRE, however all I want to do is read my fun books. I am finally reading The Help and it is awesome. The weather has gotten VERY hot here suddenly. Apparently it is very uncharacteristic for right now, this is typical August weather. Hopefully it changes soon because it is only putting our motivation to exercise at an even greater low.

Stuart and I wanted to go to New York before we left and have been debating when to go. He has never been and it is definitely a place to see. So at the last second we decided to go for Memorial Day Weekend! We got a great hotel deal on (check that site out, I LOVE it now) and we got our bus tickets. They have buses that go from DC to NY, very good deal and only about a four hour ride. AWESOME.

All the crazy taxis

Times Square

M&M Store...yummm

Took Stuart to see his first Broadway show!

waiting for the show

Mary Poppins was GREAT! I saw it a couple years ago and loved it. I knew it would be a good one for Stuart and he definitely enjoyed it! We still can not figure out how they get all of Mary's stuff to come out of her bag.

Empire State Building, NYSE & Wall St, Ferry, Cool NYC buildings

Delicious Food. This stand has Halal food. Not sure if I spelled that right, but it is always sooo yummy and cheap.

Central Park

We stayed at a Hilton down in the Financial District right by Ground Zero. It was very classy and we had a great view of the buildings and the new construction going on. Stuart was LOVIN it.

Outside our hotel

Classic Bull Shot

We took the Ferry over to Staten Island and got to see beautiful views and the statue of liberty. It was so nice to be out on the water. Stuart and I decided that we both are definitely ocean people.

Stuart had us drink all four of our glasses one right after the other. Lemonade, water, Pepsi, water. Quite the tangy experience.

We were obviously enjoying our Ferry Ride ALOT

Stuart drew this picture of us on the bus ride home. His excellent artistic skills are beginning to show.

All in all New York was amazing!! We had a great time and didnt break the bank too bad. NYC is one expensive place. But hopefully we get to go back soon! Cant wait for our next adventure...

Friday, May 27, 2011

First Day

Stuart started his Job on Monday with Foulger-Pratt Construction!! We are soooo excited for him because he worked very hard to get an internship for the summer. It kind of got crazy at the very end about what company to go with, but he is very happy with his decision. He is doing great, working VERY hard, and learning so much about what being a Project Manager is all about. I am learning too...He would always tell me that he would be in charge of managing "subs." I always thought it was strange that he would be managing different temporary people all the time. In my mind I imagined all the people waiting to be picked up for work on the side of the road that I would see on my runs in high school. However little did I know that a "sub" meant a subcontractor. Completely embarrassing I know. Lets just say that his work is way more meaningful than I thought and he is rocking it! His project manager loves him, but how could they not :)

Lookin Fly Babe!!

....and to toot my horn a little, I got a job working at a summer camp at a private school here at Georgetown Prep! Id been searching for so long since I did not do the internship I had originally. I am soo excited for this new job and am grateful that I will not be risking my life everyday going to work as I would have been. Life in DC is treating us well :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road Trip!

Well as many of you know, we headed out to D.C. for the Summer! Stuart has an internship out here with a commercial construction company. We are both really excited! In order to get here we had to drive across the ENTIRE country (basically). It was surprisingly enjoyable and we loved being able to see new parts of the country. So this was our route with all of our stops. We were really lucky to be able to stop with friends and family all along the way. The stops were Denver, Iowa City, Nauvoo, and Aurora (IL). The trek was scheduled for 5 days, but we decided to cut it a little short and plow through the last day making it 4 days total. Talk about numb-bum...

about 2,000 miles!

Beautiful Colorado Mountains

Beautiful Car Photo (Yes we were still driving. Yes we were careful)

This was in Illinois where we ate lunch. They have the coolest old buildings

The bridge at Ft. Madison to get across the Mississippi

The beautiful Nauvoo Temple. It was really cool to be there in Nauvoo together and to feel of the spirit that is in that place. And there are lots of feisty sister missionaries too.

This is the sweetheart tunnel in Nauvoo

My last missionary apartment in Burlington, IA. So cool to be back in my mission again.

This is how excited we were when we finally arrived in Potomac!

And this is where we get to live in Maryland. It is a very cute apartment above their garage. We have been very blessed and are very grateful to the Harrisons for letting us live with them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

California Birthday

We were very lucky and were able to go home to California for my birthday! Thanks mom and dad :)

Our first stop on our trip was in St. George for my cousin Chase's wedding. This is the only picture I have, but it was a beautiful day! Best wishes to the newlyweds!

We got to watch the Abigail for a few days. This is just a shot of her getting some mad air. We love Abby and she always gives us a good time!

She hasn't quite mastered looking at the camera yet.

We got to go down to San Diego and spend a couple days with these cute kids! It was so fun to visit with the Kuletos. I feel like I get to know them a little better every time we visit. We got to talk with Jess and its always fun to hear her advice and talk about the future. We always cherish the times we have with family and we hope we get to see the Kuletos soon!

Of course we caught some sun rays at the beach! let's just say we are sadly still paying for it with pealing skin, but still worth it.

On my actual birthday I was woken up with some yummy waffles and eggs from stuart

Then we went to the Irvine Spectrum! I love the spec. We went to Cheesecake factory and it was divine as usual. We also went and saw Something Borrowed and did some great shopping! Awesome.

So my family has this tradiition of singing "Heavy, Heavy Hangover.." and bonking each other on the head. So here is everyone taking their turn...

Blowing out my birthday candle.

Beautiful flowers from my husband :)

For my birthday Stuart got me tickets to go to an Angels game! it may be surprising but I really do LOVE going to Angels games. I don't know all the stats and don't follow them, but I grew up going to the games and just love the baseball game atmosphere.

John came with us to the game. He actually had to prove that he was 18 or under to get this troll. He literally had to pull out his driver's license. It was awesome! John is just that masculine.

Last but not least, a shot of us two at the game. I sure do love this guy!

I also was very fortunate to celebate my birthday twice! When we got back to Utah Janice threw a party for mine and Annie's birthday. We had delicious pasta and of lemonade ice cream cake! Obviously it was a great time.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful brithday! I received many calls, texts, and felt very loved. First married birthday = success.