Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ducks Game

Stuart scored two tickets to the Ducks game from work last week and we had a great outing! Back up...Two weeks ago Stuart was given the tickets becuase his co-worker couldn't go. They told him they were for that night's game and so we went over there that night. As we were getting closer I was thinking, why are there no cars around? Shouldn't there be more people walking to the game? Then when we check our tickets we realize they are for NEXT week's game. We had a good laugh and went home. However actual game night was alot of fun! I had not been to a Hockey game in years and it was a fun change of scenery. Funny story #2..Stuart was also told that these were box seats. So we just went into the box we thought was associated with our tickets. After about 15 mins of sitting there, someone's asks to check our tickets. Turns out we were NOT in box seats, but right below the box haha whoopsies...When we got to our real seats Stuart said he felt more at home :) haha The Ducks had a great win and it was a fun night!


Two weekends ago we went to Vegas for Stuart's friend Chantry's wedding in Vegas. We decided since Stuart was taking a day off work that we would make it worth it and get a hotel for the night! The hotel was great and it was really nice to have some time just the two of us. When we were out on the strip that night though I was reminded of how much I do not like The Strip. It is just a depressing and dirty place to me. People trying to give you nasty fliers and stuff, yuck. I do not dislike ALL of Vegas, just the Strip. Sorry, just me. We pretty much just got dinner and watched the fountains at the Bellagio. I do love the fountains. Wish the show would just be continuous all night...I told Stuart I would only stay on the strip again if we could stay at the Bellagio and our room faced the fountains...guess we wont be coming back :) Staying in a hotel is always so fun though and we did have a great time together! Th wedding on Sunday was beautiful and it was nice to be in the temple the next day..I love going to sealing and being reminded of our own wedding day. Stuart's parents and Brooke also came down from Utah for the wedding and it was so good to see them!! We miss them down here...all in all a fun weekend!

Stuart was LOVING his sammy

LA Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we went to LA for the weekend! I had to time a track meet all day Saturday and my Dad gave us tickets to see the LA Philharmonic at the Disney Concert Hall so we decided to make a weekend out of it! The Disney Concert Hall was really cool. Of course Stuart's main focus was, "How would you bid on something like this? How did they build this?" haha The concert was very interesting and it was nice to be cultural for a change! We felt very classy; and it was casual Friday so we didn't have to dress up fancy. Stuart said the music was very modern ha Thanks Dad!! We had a great time :) We also spent two nights in La Crescenta at Stuart's grandparents. They are always so nice to us and make us feel so welcome! On Saturday I was at the meet ALL day and Stuart went with is Grandpa to look at homes and he got some good relaxation time too. That night we met up with our friends Darron and Allison who are in Med School at UCLA. So fun to see them! It is a good time when Darron and Stuart are together :) Stuart loves being back in LA Crescenta and reminiscing. On Sunday we went to Stuart's old home ward and then went to Pasadena to see the Father of the Bride House!! I have been wanting to do this for a long time and was pumped! Great weekend in LA and we will be back soon :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hiking in Laguna

Stuart and I really wanted to hike and we were told to check out hiking in Laguna Beach.  It was AWESOME!! Our good friends Leah and John came with us and it was a blast! We did a 3.5 mile loop that was really steep for the first 1.5 miles, but then it paid off with BEAUTIFUL ocean views.  We love being by the beach and seeing all the cute homes.  Stuart fell in love with Laguna and is now set on living by the beach. I told him we are going to have to save a lot of pennies for that!! But we had a great time in Laguna and plan on going again very soon

Leah and John...we love living close to them!!

San Diego

We were lucky enough to go down to San Diego a couple of weekends ago!! Can we just say how much we LOVE the Kuleto's and visiting them! They always make it such a good time.  They fed us delicious meals, watched Tanner play basketball, played at the park, great conversations, and even a movie! I got to talk with my sister-in-law Jessica for a while when Stuart played tag with the boys and I appreciated her view on life and making decisions. She always has such good advice and I appreciate all that I can learn from her. I can only hope to have good kids and be a mother like her one day! We love talking with the Kuleto's late into the night after the kids have gone too bed and just enjoying one another's company.  We love you guys and can't wait to visit again!!

February Birthdays

It was my Dad's and Sister Kathleen's birthdays recently and we partied! We love them both so much and appreciate all that they bring to the family. My Dad is pretty excited that he gets all of the senior discounts now. what what!! And Kat felt old at 27 but she is loved her first birthday as a momma.  I was lucky enough to go with my mom down to Cheesecake factory to meet her and baby Hailey for lunch. It's fun to be down here now to celebrate birthdays! Although now we miss all the Lange's (we miss you guys!)...so happy late birthday to Brooke!! you rock. woo!