Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuart the Working Man

So it has not been blogged about yet but Stuart accepted an offer in Irvine, Ca working for C.W. Driver! They are a big commercial contractor here in California. After a little debate Stuart and I felt very strongly that he should choose to go with this company. It is the company he always hoped to work for. He is so happy and I am so proud of him!! He is getting adjusted to working in an office all day but he is enjoying learning so much and getting lots of free lunches :) Stuart even had a little kick in his step the first week, so cute. He is just not enjoying the commute. We are living with my parents for the time being and it is only a 30 min drive without traffic but with it it is stinky. However we are well aware it could be much worse! For me..looking for a job. Hopefully I get something in Irvine and then we can move there. Thank you to my parents for letting us stay here for a little until I find a job! It is quite the party here. And yay for Stuart!

Working Man in his new clothes

Stuart and my brother Michael

Friday, January 27, 2012


Our last stop was in the Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. This is the Norwegian cruise line's private island. It is supposed to have the feel of an uninhabited island. They brought all the food to the island so we had a big bbq and they had chairs out to lay out. Luckily we borrowed my parents snorkel gear and so we snorkeled in the crystal blue water. We saw some crazy fish! They were a little too friendly here, they would get right up in your face! Overall we loved relaxing the last day of our cruise and getting some sun. It was the only day we got burned. Even though we should not have, it did feel a little bit good. Cheers to the Bahamas..

So pretty

We had a rock stacking competition. It was debatable who won


Okay so this is only half of the HUGE eel. This is where I freaked out in the snorkeling. Right before this Stuart warns me that he saw alot of jelly fish and I should watch out. Thus my paranoia sets in. Then he is trying so hard to point out something to me in the water. The HUGE eel! It was squirming all crazy and so I BOOKED it out of there. I immediately started swimming to shore. Stuart said he only got half of the eel because he was worried about me, haha whoops. Good times

just chillin

Well we had a great first cruise experience! We would gladly go on another one...in ten years :) That was our last vacation for a while! It was an unforgettable vacation and we loved it all.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Jamaica was AMAZING. We last minute booked an excursion and I am so glad we did. Worth every penny. We went horseback riding! We went through a Jamaican Jungle and beaches and then rode the horses bareback through the ocean. It was surreal. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. We feel so lucky to being doing such cool things at our age! There are definitely benefits to getting married young. Stuart had never been on a horse so he was pumped. The tour guides were hilarious and were so kind to take all the pictures for us with our camera. Most guides make you pay for pictures later. We had an absolute blast here!

Waiting for the tour

Gearing up

The tour guides called themselves the Jamaican Paparazzi. He would always tell me to put my hand on my hip. Sassy!

Sumo Husband

Yup, riding horses in the ocean!

Giddy up!

So awesome

One of our guides

Yay for Jamaica!!

Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman was beautiful! The cruise ports are super touristy though so I am glad we did these excursions to get more a feel for the environment. In the Grand Cayman we swam with sting rays. Yes sting rays. The animal that killed the crocodile hunter. I was very nervous but is was so cool!! They would swim right up your legs and your back. We even fed them. The guide said that they are basically like pets since have been feeding them for 25 years. way cool experience...

We took all these pictures, they were huge!

We held them

pet them

and even kissed them

They have the SOFTEST skin

This girl was on our ship and she got married in the Grand Cayman. Kind of weird because then she was just on the cruise the rest of the time. But whatever she wants! Live it up

We will miss you sting rays