Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am lucky to spend this Thanksgiving with my family in California. I have not been here for Thanksgiving in three years and I am happy to be back. I am loving the constant smell of food in the kitchen, watching movies, shopping, and enjoying one another's company. Stuart and I are so thankful this holiday season for these things,

Loving Families
The hope the gospel brings to us
That Stuart will have a great job upon graduation
Our home
Wonderful Friends
JUICE (that is Stuart's)
Homemade food
Being Debt free
Christmas lights

Just a small list of what we are grateful for this Holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ferris Wheel

A couple of weekends ago Stuart had a flyout for a job interview so I decided to join in on the fun! I flew in later than him on Friday and my mother picked me up to go to dinner with my dad, Kathleen, and Drew. Kat and Drew didn't know I was coming so I popped out when they walked into Claim Jumper! She was surprised but immediately said, "I knew it." My parents and I may have slipped a few times and had bad cover-ups :). Apparently Stuart was the only successful one at tricking her. We ate and shopped and then when Stuart was done with his festivities we met our friends David and Allie at the Spectrum!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go on this ferris wheel at the spec. Seriously I have been wanting to for so long. So the boys humored us and let us go around a few times! It was scarier and quicker than I thought it would be but so worth it :) Then we went to go talk in Allie and David's car and the cops came to our car TWICE. They blared their lights on us and kept making us seem like we were in trouble. They didnt beleive us when we told them that we were just talking because we hadn't seen them in a while and it was cold outside. It felt so weird to keep having to justify that we were just talking. Guess that isn't usually the case when a cop sees all the windows fogged up in a car....

That night Stuart still had his hotel room so I was able to join him for a "mini getaway" for a night. Funny how it feels like vacation as long as you are in a hotel.
That weekend was also my sister's shower! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures because I was the photographer with my sister's camera. It was a very cute shower though and I enjoyed getting to see family and friends, so fun! After that we just relaxed and went in the spa. A perfect weekend. We may have ALOT of California weekends in our near future..stay tuned...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

lifestyle change

Lately Stuart and I have changed they way we live. We basically decided to amp up our lives and start living more! We will never get this time back as college students and we realized we need to make the best of the rest of our time here. So we do not stress financially anymore... Okay maybe I don't :). I was kind of a budget freak. In the grocery I would debate for minutes over items that had a 20 cent difference. So instead of trying to save a couple hundred dollars every month on our 18 hour per week minimum paying jobs, we just LIVE. If we want to do something, we do it (to an extent:)). We have been trying to read our scriptures more and see the hand of the Lord in our lives. This life is truly a gift and I am so happy we are realizing this more lately. Life is just oh so good right now and we look forward to our adventure ahead of us!

Livin it up at Macaroni Grill

We love Riverwoods

I came home to post-it's around the house. Oh how i love my baby :)
Here's to living it up!