Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wonderful World of Color

"A Wonderful World of Color, a Wonderful World to See!"
That phrase will be stuck in your head after you see this show.
Anyone who knows Disney can not deny that they go out of their way to do incredible things! The world of Color water show is one of those. It is a water/light show. It is the Bellagio fountains times a million. So cool. We went for my brother in law Drew's birthday and had a great time. We also saw Cars Land for the first time that night and I think its pretty awesome.
Love everything that Disney has to offer. Stuart truly loves it now. We love having our annual passes!


Summer Highlights

We had  a wonderful summer here in California. We were able to have alot of family, food, and sun. It was a HOT summer. And the heat is lingering a little too long for our liking.

 Learning the "wobble". Youtube it and Learn it.

Stuart braided my hair. Way better than me!

Made homemade snickerdoodle ice cream

Stuart went to a USC game with his friend Tyler who just started Dental School there this Fall.

We had a groupon for a Tempanyaki place. It was Delish!

Stuart started shaving with a shaving cream and razor for this first time. His electric razor went out. He is still deciding if he likes this way.

My Best Friend Allie's baby shower. She now has given birth to little Emma and she is adorable! I like to think she is partly named after me.

Tyler and Audra invited us down to their family's beach house on Beach Rd in San Juan Capistrano for a weekend. HEAVEN. So glad to have our friends close again!

These are my dear friends. Left Track Coach Britt, his wife Jan, Lauren who ran with me in high school, me, Stuart, and Lauren's boyfriend Lee. LOVE these people. My life would not be the same without them. 

Roasting smore's on our stove. Probably unsafe

Surfing for Stuart at Doheny. There is proof I got out once this Summer

Chipotle Picnic

Time spent with our cute nieces at the Spectrum, Angel Games, and my parents

4th of July

Abby and Lydia's "Under the Sea" Birthday Party

My brother made this cake freehand. So good right?!

Stuart made me this headboard. I am so in love with it. Love being married to a handy man!

Laying out by the pool.

Summer 2012 was awesome. Looking forward now to the Holidays!

Missing Provo


To say I have missed BYU and the Fall in Utah would be an understatement. I was seriously sad to not be in school this Fall. I miss it so much sometimes.  For those who know how I felt about Utah and BYU sometimes, this may come as a surprise. I felt like I had such a purpose and direction while I was there. Sometimes I feel lost in my new post college adult world. I had my highest and lowest moments at BYU and I grew from every experience I had there. I made the BEST friends. I feel so lucky to have found the people I did there. Met my husband, the greatest success of my BYU experience. And received my college degree. I am trying to appreciate my degree more as I usually do not see it as a huge accomplishment. I more see it as something that I obviously needed to do. However it is an accomplishment that I need to feel proud of. So I miss you alot this Fal BYU. I want to go to intramural games, drink hot chocolate at Seven-Eleven, drive up the canyon, snuggle in our attic/or basement apartment, go to a football game, walk to class, take a moonlight chairlift ride in Sundance, eat at our favorite spots, and enjoy the simplicity of my life back then. I loved being a newlywed in a college town where everyone was poor and we did simple things to make us happy. Oh the simple college life.
Thanks BYU for the wonderful memories. We miss you this Fall Season!