Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Month

The first few days of your life were probably your hardest so far, and they weren't even that bad. Nursing was such an exhausting experience. So hard for you and me. One night you were so fussy and so I gave you formula. Oh goodness you loved it! Then, my milk came in and you were a happy little angel. So I'm convinced you were just hungry! 

The next couple weeks you were such a dream! Slept everywhere all the time. Such a happy little one. We could tote you everywhere anytime. There were a few days where you constantly wanted to be held but luckily that passed. The only thing is you had the most insane blowouts. My mom said she'd never seen anything like it. You would have a blow out, we'd go to wipe you, and you would explode again. We would go through about four diapers each time and they were all filled ;) it was WILD.

The next couple weeks were even greater and I'm convinced I never want you to get older than one month. You are sleeping well and super happy. 

One Month:
Very Alert
Almost Always Happy
Loves the light 
Smiles a little, not quite the real thing yet
Sleeps really well, usually gives us a 5-7 hour stretch (went 8 one time!)
Eats like a champ. Nursing is touch and go, but when we give her a bottle she pounds it.
First beach trip, you weren't so sure about it. The wind seemed to bug you
Love to be in your carrier
Love your stroller 
Don't know what you would do without your pacifier
Always sleeps in the car

You make Mom and so happy! Don't know how we got such a sweet little one! We love you!

Celebrated one month lounging at the pool...oh I could just kiss those cheeks all day long 

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