Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two Months

Okay I lied. Two months is my favorite!

First super bowl party
First sports game. BYU volleyball vs. UCI, you slept the whole time on Daddy's chest.
Started sleeping in your big girl crib just after a month old. You transitioned great and seem to love it!
Most nights give us 7 hours, and many times 8. The longest you have gone is 10!You go to bed at 1030 so that you are sleeping the entire time we sleep. It's really nice!
You started cooing and it's the cutest thing ever. Everyone comments on how sweet you sound. It really is a sweet baby voice.
You love to be held.
There was a day around 6 weeks where you took a five hour nap and then slept 9.5 hours. Lately though you have been refusing naps. They are getting shorter and shorter and mommy does not know what to do. You hardly ever make it an hour anymore unless you are in the car.
Sat in the bumbo
Want your pacifier to sleep now and we are worried it's going to become an issue
You are becoming much more alert and love to play on your playmat that has flashing lights
You are cuter than ever!

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